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Services & Facilities


Our concierge is available from 7AM to 9PM every day and support your stay. If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us. While the front desk's close hour, our night staff is available 24/7 for all guests(some services are unavailable). We wish to support you experience a comfortable stay.


Travel Amenities

Please take items what you need from the shelf on the lobby.

Toothbrush, razor, cotton set, shower cap, hair band, body towel, etc.

* Available 24 hours a day

* These items are not provided in your room.

Seasonings(for sell)

Sells at the concierge desk for 150 yen each.

Olive oil, salad oil, sesame oil, salt and pepper, salt, pepper, soy sauce, granules, Chinese granules, Chinese chicken broth, chili oil, basil, etc.

* Correspondence time 07: 00-21: 00
* Products and contents are subject to change.
* Quantities are limited. If the item is out of stock, we would guide you to a nearby convenience store or supermarket.

Free Rental Items

We prepare some items at the front desk upon request. Please inquire at the front desk at check-in or during your stay.

Free Rental Items

Toaster, Fondue set, Airfryer, Two-handled pan, Foil, etc.

High-function hair dryer, Curling iron, Air purifier, Humidifier, Mobile phone charger, USB cable, Extension cord, Plug adapter (only when using overseas electrical appliances in Japan), Blu-ray player, Vacuum cleaner, Folding table, etc.

*Response time: 07a.m-09p.m
*Only available on the day of use. We do not accept advance reservation.
*Air purifiers are only available for non-smoking rooms. All smoking rooms are equipped with a deodorizer.
*Please note that the number of items is limited.

Kitchen items

Please take items from the shelf on the lobby that you need and you don’t find in your room.

【Kitchen items】
Kitchen paper, Plastic wrap, Aluminum foil, Rubber spatula, Pot mat, Whisk, Grater, Measuring cup, Measuring spoon, Teapot, Gratin dish, etc.

* Available 24 hours a day

* The number of items are limited.

* These items are not provided in your room.

In-Room Facilities & Amenities


Full/Queen/King size beds (Depending on the room type)*1

Night table, Bed head lamp, Desk lamp, Wardrobe, Working desk & chair, TV/AV cabinet, Dining table *2, Dining chair *2, Sofa *2, Coffee table *2, Umbrella stand, Safety box, Walk-in closet

  • *1Mattress by Serta®
  • *2In selected rooms only

Electrical appliances

Electric stove, Microwave oven / toaster, Rice cooker, Electric kettle, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Iron / ironing board, UHDTV, Telephone, Hair dryer, Multi electric tap, Alarm clock, LAN cable


Table knife, Table fork, Table spoon, Glass cups, Wine glass, Dinner plate, Dessert plate, Cereal bowl, Soup bowl, Cup & saucer, Mug cup, Cutting board, Cooking knife, Ladle, Spatula, Pot, Frying pan, Sleeve, Bowl, Can opener, Wine opener, Washing sponge, Dishwashing detergent, Dish cloth, Dish stand, Garbage bin, Chopsticks, Rice bowl, Peeler, Tongs

Other Room Amenities

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Soap, Toothbrush, Cotton swabs, Slippers, Tissue paper, Face towel, Bath towel, Dish soap, Laundry detergent, Nightwear, Razor etc…Additional amenities are available at concierge.